Laura Klimaite
Indre Klimaite

Dec 18, 2015 – Jan 18, 2016

At Display, Berlin

Unhappy Love - KlimaiteKlimaite

An informal Christmas celebration with the show of 2 editorial projects and other graphic works, by Indre & Laura Klimaite.

Have you ever seen a sea of broken hearts? What if your dog becomes a man-eater? Does divorce turn you into a miserable stalker?
Can you make the difference between mass media headlines and soap-opera scenarios? With Unhappy Love, Laura Klimaite investigates the field of distortion of reality through the lens of the most important Lithuanian newspaper. She collected the headlines every day for one year and concentrated her study on aesthetic and specific language used to reveal the main news .www.lauraklimaite.com

THE SYSTEM is here for you and you are here for THE SYSTEM.
NOW, our task is to educate the consumers to new tastes and needs, to create new desires. We must actively break old habits. Our duty is to redesign a new human being, healthy and in beneficial conditions for the rapid growth of his physical strength. Female will be liberated from domestic slavery. For the well-being and happiness of our people we need to destroy rodents, flies and mosquitos, produce more sausages, wash dishes correctly, eat rationally according to scientific principles. However let’s be aware of dangerous neighbours and flu complications, diseases and dirt! That’s how our revolution is not only giving freedom but also the opportunity for a prosperous, abundant and cultural life. The system is fighting for peace and security. There will be no mercy.
Continuous Improvement by Indre Klimaite is a narrative of human culture within a system, ideology mechanism, it’s propaganda and practice. Research is based on textual and visual material collected from Soviet public catering books between 1935 and 1990.

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