During the month of November, within the frame of Marianne Mueller’s solo exhibition, Sliding Self on Shelf, we are inviting personalities from French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland, Italy, US and Berlin, Germany, to join us by transmitting a sound contribution. The individual proposals take the form of interviews, poetry readings, DJ sets and sound pieces, and are broadcast on our platform. 

Surviving our traumas is a constant, long, and silent journey. Erected in the face of emptiness and loss, Architectures of Silence is a series of sculptures and installations by Marina Stanimirovic. They are ways of creating homes of understanding and expression, free and flexible spaces of reparation. The series gave rise to the poem of the same name, read by the artist for the occasion.

Marina Stanimirovic (1988, Argenteuil, France), lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She studied Contemporary Jewellery at the Ecole Boulle, Paris (2005-2009), at the SEPR in Lyon (2009-2011) and then at the Royal College of Arts, London (2011-2013). Her installation practice includes the use of sculpture, photography, writing and sound experimentation. These are artifices she creates using personal elements and fictions. Spatial arrangements of everyday objects and found industrial materials. Used for their original purpose or hijacked, they reflect the triviality, sometimes with sarcasm and derision, of the violence of the subjects tackled. In 2022, she created DERIVAT, a platform inviting art world players to exchange ideas on the value and marketability of art. Since 2023, she has joined the curatorial team at the Gr_und project space in Berlin, Wedding.