During the month of November, within the frame of Marianne Mueller’s solo exhibition, Sliding Self on Shelf, we are inviting personalities from French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland, Italy, US and Berlin, Germany, to join us by transmitting a sound contribution. The individual proposals take the form of interviews, poetry readings, DJ sets and sound pieces, and are broadcast on our platform. 

Giulia Hess’s listening/DJ set On Display situates us in the midst of a contextual shift. Whether through her process of compiling and shaping sounds that questions seizure of power and dominant political voices, the narrative and cinematic structure underlaying the assemblage of her set, or the implied modes of listening activating a kind of displacement, she creates new spaces and stories. From existing and fantasized sources, other kind of political, architectural and acoustic spaces arise, in which the end can take a happy turn. 

Giulia Hess (*1984, Zurich, CH) lives and works in Zurich. Her focus is on hidden or obvious ideologies. Through shifts, translations, resonances and different variations, she makes various aspects of power relations visible and audible. She is working mainly with sound and installations in collaborations or alone. She holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Zurich Universitiy of the Arts ZHdK (2021) and was participating in the “What’s next Studio” atelierprogram (2021/22), Z-Kubator, Zurich. Hess is also a DJ, under the name Brvna. Brvna combines pieces of music from different genres into a common thread and changes sides stylistically again and again. Exciting musical architectures with distorted acid basses, at times edgy and complex rhythms meet energetically charged house with a pulsating bassline and create deep atmospheric structures. Brvna is part of the DJ duo Brvna + ich and was co-organizer of the Ziischtigsklub (Café Bar Nordbrücke) where curated music was played at intimate dance evenings.