Marianne Mispelaëre

Apr 19 – May 26, 2018

at Greylight Project, Brussels

Curator Exquis

Autodafe Curator Exquis
Marianne Mispelaëre | Autodafé (Raconter le réel ne comporte pas forcément de réalité) - vue d'exposition au Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Photo Marianne Mispelaëre

Curator Exquis
#10 – Autodafé (Quelque chose commence à craquer sous nos yeux), Marianne Mispelaëre – Curated by: Marie DuPasquier

What happens when we burn books, when we burn letters? What does stay? The negative, the residues of letters. Autodafé, by Marianne Mispelaëre is connected not only with the previous artwork presented but also to the whole Curator Exquis’ process. Bound to drawing, Marianne Mispelaëre combines the medium to video and installation to question social relationships, language and communication systems; the role of the legible and the invisible. Impulsion and its revelation, as individual or collective act, is a keystone of her work. She focuses her research on the ways of apparition and by extension/opposition the disappearance, erasure, blindness, silence. In the context of Curator Exquis, we chose the artwork Autodafé (Quelque chose commence à cracker sous nos yeux) in response to the previous artwork, from Ricardo Van Eyk and curated by Nienke Vijlbrief. Here, we focused on the notions of apparition/disappearance to highlight the relationship between the featured works. What does appear from fortuitous acts, serendipity, or what do we make appear through gestures and postures? What do we give to see? And eventually what do we perceive? « Residues » are here used in both cased to make appear and make acts and thoughts combined and intelligible. The use or misuse of the medium and support is also to be mentioned, from painting to tape roll, from paper to the wall, but definitely with a different scale and approach to the space.

#9 Unknown, __, Ricardo Van Eyk, Curated by: Nienke Vijlbrief
#11 Constance, Navine G. Khan Dossos, Curated by: Pádraic Moore

Curator Exquis at Greylight Project, Brussels
Curator Exquis is an exhibition put together by fifteen curators. The show has been conceived following the rule of the infamous surrealist game “Cadavre Exquis”, also known as Exquisite Corpse in English. In this version, drawing or writing has been replaced by the selection of artworks. The exhibition has been build one step at a time, without communication between the different curators except the artwork proposal they received from their successor, replacing thoughtful concepts by strikes of luck.
Artists: Amber VanluffelenAnne Lise Le GacBen KaufmannBirgit KnoechlCamila FarinaCécile BouffardFlorian KiniquesGilles RiberoHenry AndersenLaurens MariënLia CecchinMarianne MispelaëreMarieke CoppensNavine G. Khan-DossosRicardo van Eyk
Curated by: Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti, Margaux Bonopera, Gatien Du Bois, Franz Thalmair, Lene ter Haar, Sophie Lapalu, Ben Kaufman, Charlotte Van Buylaere, Septembre Tiberghien, Pauline Hatzigeorgiou, Nienke Vijlbrief, Marie DuPasquier , Padraic E. Moore, Karin Schlageter, Charlotte Crevits.

Autodafe Curator Exquis

Autodafé – Quelque chose commence à craquer sous nos yeux, Marianne Mispelaëre, 2018 and Constance, Navine G. Khan Dossos, Curated by: Pádraic Moore.