Mansteinstr. 16
10738 Berlin

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Wed, Sat, Sun – 2-6pm | and appointment

Display was founded in 2015 as a junction point between artistic and curatorial practices; understood as a transitory space, where creation, presentation, representation and questioning contemporary practices could be done simultaneously.

Connection line between inside & outside, seen & unseen, the vitrine is a display. The exhibition room is a display. Display collaborates with artists, curators, thinkers to invest spaces with a focus on transformations and processes and questioning mediatization through small structures. We are engaged in questioning image systems, investigating the positions, movements and relationships of the different actors and bodies in the space. We aim here to give attention to experimenting curation, exhibition design and devices and to define new possibilities of sharing and combining practices. Display is a space for experimental artistic and curatorial practices which cares about zones of near contacts.

Display’s propositions deploy through a 30m2 space situated in Berlin, other external spaces and the web platform.

Display has been awarded with the Auszeichnung Künstlerische Projekträume – Initiativen 2018 – Prize of the City of Berlin – Senat Kultur & Europa. It is run by Marie DuPasquier.

Regular contributors
Marie Jolliet
Sara Petrucci
Jacques-Henri Sennwald

Collaborations over the years with
Shirin Yousefi
Robin Michel
Olivia Fahmy
Neha Kudchackar
Shaunak Mahbubani
Marie Jolliet
Johanna Ackva
Yasmin Bassir
Marianna Christofides
Berlin Art Prize 2018
Mariana Hahn
Simon W Marin
Aleksei Taruts
Ksenia Jakobson
Manon Malan
Sara Petrucci
Jacques-Henri Sennwald
Lucia Kempkes
Eva Funk
Niccolò Moronato
Brigham Baker
Franziska Baumgartner
Samantha Bohatsch
Marc Buchy
Alison Darby
Clémence de La Tour du Pin
Marta Djourina
Sidsel Ladegaard
CAN Centre d’art Neuchâtel
Ben Thorp Brown
Lea Schleiffenbaum
Andrey Bogush
Juliette Bonneviot
Chloé Delarue
Eva Fàbregas
Christopher Füllemann
Dorota Gaweda
Egle Kulbokaite
Ambra Viviani
The Others Torino
Berkay Tuncay
Katinka de Jonge
Berlin Art Week 2018
Soline Krug
Martin Remus
Katharina Ludwig
Shira Wachsmann
Tine Günther
Paul Philipp Heinze
Marianne Mispelaëre
Poppositions Brussels 2018
Greylight Project Brussels
Martin Jakob
Mumbai Art Room
Veneta Androva
Emelie Carlén
Lou Mouw
Karin Salathé
Keegan Luttrell
Paul Polaris
Lia Walter
Gary Schlingheider
Valentin Dommanget
Max Hilsammer
Lena Ditte Nissen
Ivan Ebel
Anna Meschiari
Christine Sun Kim
Thomas Mader
Adrienne Bovet
Maria Cozma
Benjamin Dewor
Lauren Huret
Karoline Kreißl
Serena Gregori
Mindscape Universe
Laura Klimaite
Indre Klimaite
Project Space Festival 2016

Marie DuPasquier (*1984, Lausanne) is a Swiss independent curator and museologist, living between Zürich and Berlin. She graduated with an MA in History of Art and Museology at the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland (Eugène Ferdinand Prize), and has been Associate Curator & Administrator at Maison d’Ailleurs, Museum of science-fiction, utopia and extraordinary journeys, and President of Biel/Bienne Photography Festival for several years. Although her work recalls contemporary art practices, museum- and curatorial studies, it also reflects her transdisciplinary approach.

In her recent researches as a freelance curator, she focuses her interests on exhibition design and devices, the movements and meeting of different bodies involved in a space and the activation of image systems. They take form in the multiple collaborations and exhibitions at and around Display, space for artistic and curatorial practices in Berlin that she is running since 2015. In 2018, Display was awarded by the prize of the City of Berlin – Senat Kultur & Europa: Auszeichnung Künstlerische Projekträume und – Initiativen. She participated in the curatorial residency in Mumbai Art Room (Mumbai, India) in partnership with Pro Helvetia New Dehli and Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop. By focusing on the collective aspect of projects, she engage in various collaborations on the long term with the artists, curators and researchers. She is currently working on the curatorial research on contact zones initiated with the artist duo Jeschkelanger in 2016 and supported by Pro Helvetia – Swiss art Council, 2018-2019.

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